Arabic coffee is the most popular coffee drink in Saudi and the Arabian Gulf region (Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain). Arabic coffee is not your usual black coffee as it’s made of slowly roasted blond coffee beans and a bunch of spices that are slowly brewed. Arabic coffee is served in every social function, from simple friends gathering all the way to large weddings. Its entwined in the culture, has its own serving etiquette, and some people even dedicate their careers as coffee caterers and servers.

I came across Yatoob coffee the other day and was just amazed with it. Yatoob was started Lateefa Alwaalan a Saudi female. She wanted to create something easy for those who had a hard time making traditional Saudi coffee or who did not have the time. The Yatoob coffees come in four different flavors, one being the original and the other three have various spices that are used to make the coffee special at times.

It’s pretty simple you just add the packet to hot water, cook and then serve and you have the perfect cup every time. And if that was not cool enough she also has developed the first Arabic coffee maker which will be released to the public this September. Although the products are made and sold here in Saudi they are charging USD for it and it’s pretty expensive. Each pack is about $10 so if you get it I would save it for special occasions or you can just use my recipe and make it at home.

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