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Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a good
weekend or week wherever you may be in the world. Things have been kind of
crazy in my life but a good kind of crazy. I am the type of person that likes
to have a lot going on than the alternative nothing so it’s all good. My
husband and I are in the process of opening our fist business it’s exciting yet
scary at the same time. I cannot wait to show you all pictures at a later date.
Things are in shambles now with the new designs. I have been working like a
maniac on all the blog designs I have been doing over on my Etsy shop Blog MePretty. I love designing it’s like my therapy. When I am behind Photoshop it’s
like my head just clears.
I have a few new ventures that I have been dabbling
into such as the new food editor over at Jeddah Beauty as you all know I am also
the food editor of Saudi Life. When I get some more time I plan to also do some
work for Khaleejesue all of these are amazing sites that I truly believe in so
I hope you take a look and enjoy them as well. I have some more news of other endeavors
that I will share at a later date so watch out.
Yesterday evening my husband, son and I
went to grab some dinner at Najd Village a little traditional place we
sometimes eat at. We ordered the chicken badya which came with rice, jareesh
and goursan. They always have the best bread too. Its already crazy hot here in Riyadh but funny enough when your inside a mud house (like Najd Village) its so much cooler. 

I hope that each one of you all are having a great Summer as well. By the way I just noticed today that I am about to embark on 700 recipes, wow and thanks to all of you who have gave me the confidence to put all the work on this blog that I have for the past 5 years.

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  • From Yeast to Zest says:

    Mabrook to you and your dh and that food looks amazing! BTW, we always have things going on in common (not the baby after baby thang I have going on) so I know that you all must be busy more so that you’re involved in the business… Mabrook to all “Halal” business owners! :)

    • Asmaa @ Bake It... says:

      Zelia did you have baby no.3? MashAllah & Mabrook sister

  • Asmaa @ Bake It... says:

    Salam Alaikum noor,
    Delicious plates of food mashAllah you must have enjoyed taking some family time out of your busy schedule. I MUST try the mud hut thing someday, i wonder if Algeria has any, hmmm.
    May Allah bless you and your families business with success.ameen.

  • Noor says:

    Thank you so much Zelia :) InshAllah everything goes well for both of us and our families always.

    Wa Alaykum Salam Asmaa yea I wanted a nice little break from life but Talal was a monster there so lol. Thank you sis and ameen to your duas.

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