Starbucks Coffee Blends


Before I moved to Riyadh I did not really like Starbucks whatsoever. Living in America we have so many choices of places we can go to get some great coffee. Chains like Starbucks just do not seem to cut it for most. But Starbucks is the best cup of coffee you’re going to get here in Saudi so I have had to make due plus most of the small places do not ship the beans internationally. I am looking at you Hoboken!

So for the past few years you all have watched me try out, love and hate different coffee machines (aeropress is by far my favorite tool) so I thought I would share some blends as well. It takes me two weeks to go through a bag of coffee. I always have it ground fresh at the counter and it stays fresh the entire time. Never ever buy pre-ground coffee beans. That was a mistake that I used to make just because I did not know any better but by the time you buy ground coffee that the freshness is long gone plus any coffee place (and even grocers in the states) will grind your coffee beans for free.

The Starbucks here does not carry very much and you can actually only choose from about 3 or 4 blends they have like breakfast, house or espresso. I have tried all the ones pictured here and do not care for most of them. I later started ordering whole coffee beans from Greece (Pikes Place and Caffe Verona, my favorites). I just take them by the local brand and they grind they for free. Since I use the aeropress I get them ground drip but if you use a french press get that grind or espresso for a machine. You get the point! Out of all these blends Caffe Verona is by far my favorite and then the veranda. The rest are just kind of boring and flat to me.

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