Spinach Smoothie

Back home Jamba Juice was one of my
favorite places to grab a drink. I loved that you were drinking healthy and
could get a dose of much needed extra vitamins as well. It’s so easy to do at
home that we should all try to make a smoothie or two daily for our health. One
smoothie that I am in love right now is this Spinach Smoothie, it taste great. It’s
no secret that spinach is extremely good for you but come on how many of us
ever really eat a lot of spinach?
I love to add fresh or frozen mangoes or
mango juice to a smoothie like this because it covers up the taste 100%. All
though this smoothie is packed with spinach you do not taste it what so ever. Vitamin
D and Calcium deficiency is a huge problem effecting women in Saudi Arabia, me
included. I have to take 5 huge pills throughout the day. I throw my
ingredients and pills in the bender and just drink it up in a smoothie these
days. Spinach Smoothies are a great source of vitamins that we all need and a
great coffee replacement in the morning. You will soon start seeing the huge
amounts of energy you have throughout the day. 
2-3 cups spinach leaves
3/4 cup milk (lowfat, rice or soy)
4 strawberries
1 cup mango juice
1. Add everything in a blender and blend until smooth and no chunks are left. 

Yields: 2 cups

5 Responses to Spinach Smoothie

  • From Yeast to Zest says:

    O’ no, Popeye~! Dh just offered to buy Spinach today from the vendor and I was telling him how it’s one of my favorite veggies but always forget to buy them. I will stick to cheesy spinach pie for now but I’m sure it taste great…

  • Noor says:

    Sounds Interesting. I can not say I love but I need it and thats why I like smoothies lol.

  • From Yeast to Zest says:

    I just wanted to say !Woot woot! Almarai now makes sour cream, yummm!!!

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