Spices Part.1

black seeds / Saudi Coffee / Turmeric


Growing up in the South I was never introduced to Spices we just do not do a lot of innovative things to our food. It’s the same thing fried with salt and pepper. I have told you all before here how I never knew how to cook until I got married. It’s funny to think that the first thing a simple Southern girl started out in the kitchen was making Saudi food. I was a new bride and wanted my impress my husband with his favorite dishes. Back then you could not find any Saudi recipes online and I had no idea where or how to start. That is how Ya Salam Cooking started it was own personal folder or my recipes and tips plus I figured there had to be
more girls out there like me.

When I embarked on this journey to learn how to cook it was also when I was introduced to the world of spices. I had no idea there was so many so many spices and all of the various things that you could use them for. I immediately became a hoarder of spices having to have at least one of everything. I started buying all kinds of books about spices so that I could learn everything humanly impossible about them, I was obsessed. Now six years later I love knowing what spices are in something simply by smelling it and what spices go well together and in what dish. But today I want to talk about using spices in a different way and that
is its medical way. For decades people all over the world have been using spices for medical purposes. I am going to have a small series in alphabetical order of what certain spices are used for here in the Kingdom. Many of these are still used today and were part of early Bedouins medical practices.I have put the Arabic name next to it as well.
Myrrh (murr)
Loss of Appetite
Coffee (qahwa)
Dates (tamr)
Black Seed (habba souda)
Honey (asal)
Alum (shabba)
Blood Cleanser
Arugula (jarjeer)
Cress (al hara, rashad)
Boils and Abscesses
Cress (al hara, rashad)
Mangrove (qurm, shura)
Black Seed (habba souda)
Cress (al hara, rashad)
Fenugreek (hulba)
Frankincense (luban)
Breast Abscesses and Mastitis
Fenugreek (hulba)
Caraway (karawiya)
Fenugreek (hulba)
Nakhwa (nakhwa)
Dates (tamr)
Turmeric (kurkum)

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  • Asmaa says:

    Salam Alaikum,

    I am particular interested in the first one Myrrh, i am going to look into it inshAllah.

    Thank you for such a informative / helpful post.

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