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I always want to take so many pictures of things to show you all around Saudi but it’s really hard. People hate cameras here and you find it extremely difficult to ever take any pictures even in a small shop like this people tend to think you want to steal their idea or have pictures of them, weird I know. What is really odd is that as much as people hate cameras you always see everyone with their
phones taking pictures and making videos. It’s kind of incognito and makes everyone feel more comfortable I guess.

My husband snapped these pictures for me with his IPhone and I hate camera pictures they are so fuzzy but it’s hard to tote around the Canon especially since people would make some huge deal I am sure. I wish I could get a camera that did not look like one yet took awesome pictures. Something like the CIA uses or something lol I mean I only want to take pictures of stores and items to show you all for crying out loud what is the big deal?
So here you have it a few snaps of a snack store we have up the road from our house. This store is decorated in the traditional Saudi manner like a mud house with drapery hung around. The hand weaved circles you see hanging on the wall are what people ate on at one time and many still do. All of the patterns are common for the Najdi area. In a store like this you will find dates, cookies, tea and coffees all being old fashion Saudi products.

5 Responses to Saudi Snack Store

  • Beautiful store and I’m sure I would just love most of the things for sale there!

  • Thanks and yea the snacks are pretty yummy.

  • Salam alaikum sister Noor. Very neat. Thank you for this lovely post.

  • Those iPhone pics are good mashAllah I like the style of the shop and yes I would like a snack from that store I’m sure!!

  • jazakAllah Khair UmmBinat and Asmaa. Asmaa to fuzzy for me :p Yea mashAllah the store is neat.

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