Saudi Kitchen Essentials


Last week I shared my list of favorite kitchen tools that I use, so today I wanted to share with you the essentials of a Saudi Kitchen. One thing I love about the Saudi culture is how pretty things in general are. Saudis love beautiful things that sparkle and when they have guest they make sure the set up is amazing. It’s not only like this in the kitchen or with guests, but even the women here dress so feminine and always take care of themselves, I really love that.

A few things that are also used is glass jars, which are used to fill spices in and as a measuring cup. Sifras which are large plastic sheets that come in a roll are used to place in the floor and sit food on.

1. Pressure Cooker
We use these in the South as well, but I have never used one. I am scared to death of them to be honest with you. However, Saudis cook a lot of meals with them and you can even find special places that cook all the food in them.

2. Tea Sets
The most gorgeous tea and coffee sets are in Saudi Arabia. Many are gold while others are silver, but they all look great. Regular ones are used for everyday use while the fancier ones are saved for when guest come over.

3. Thermos
Just like the tea sets regular ones are used for daily use while the nice ones come out for the guest. Each set always comes with two, one for tea and the other for coffee. These are always set out all day long.

4. Soup Bowl with Lid
Soups are served a lot during Ramadan and always in these large thermos type bowls with a locking lid that keeps them hot.

5. Servings Trays
Trays are always filled with dates, nuts, coffee or tea. They are a must for serving anything.

6. Coffee Cups
These little coffee cups are used for Saudi Qahwa and will be stacked up on trays sitting on the table. The coffee is poured into the to one, handed to the guest and so on.


  • Hannah @ Cook and Craft Blog says:

    beautiful list Noor :) out of your collection what is your favorite tea set? I’ve seen many beautiful cups in your recipe photos

    • Noor says:

      My favorite one is the one I used on the mint tea recipe. It has a Moroccan look to it and I have had it for like 7 years now, love it.

  • tamar says:

    This is fantastic for those of us who travel in our kitchens! I love your blog for the little (and big) peeks you give us into Saudi life and food ways. This is another step closer to experiencing/recreating Saudi food and drink.

    Btw, for anyone in the US, I have been able to find the Nescafe Arabiana instant Saudi-style coffee on eBay. It’s expensive but boy is it good! I hate to admit the amount I have been spending on it!

    • Noor says:

      Thank you so much Tamar and I’m so glad you enjoy the posts. I also buy this mix, most people do since it came out.

  • Kellie says:

    I love the coffee cups.

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