Saudi Foul & Tamese

Here in Saudi Wednesdays night is our Friday night and our weekend is Thursday and Friday. Every morning during the weekend you find foul being sold everywhere and everyone goes and buys large amounts for their family. They have soft cheese, sometimes eggs and tea with it. I have fallen quickly in love with this very tamese (bread) that you see right here. I love bread and as I have told you all many times I could live off bread alone, yum.

This tamese is huge, soft and even though I am usually not a fan of seeds atop things (I hate the texture) I love the way the sesame seeds are on this bread. The foul here is so good as well. I have never tasted any that have been as delicious as the ones made here except mine of course (wink, wink). Go ahead and make some foul for your family one morning and try a new recipe out.

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  • Assalaamu Alaykum,

    A breakfast of Foul and Tamees is a hot favourite at our place! My son says “Bukra Khamees, ta’kul tamees” (Tomorrow’s Thursday, you’ll eat Tamees) … lol!

    I really like the “biscuit” Tamees rather than the yeasty ones and y’know each place has a different way of making Foul. I really like the Gulaabah one as it’s a little spicy. ;)

  • assalaamu alaikum,

    We don’t eat foul and tamees for breakfast. Sometimes for dinner though. I like the tamees bread. Some of them make good pizza crust. I like the bread without sesame seeds best. And, there’s really good tamees bread made with dates that we buy in Al Hasa, called Tamees Ahmar (Red Tamees). I don’t know if you can find it in Riyadh or not.

  • Tameiz and ful used to be my most fav combo during my visits for Jeddah, which we usually had for breakfast, sometimes at lunch or dinner too. Brought back many memories.

  • Mona, so many food brings back good memories for me as well, I think thats why I love to cook so much.

  • plz pass me on a reciepe of good foul.. thnx alot ,, tc maeslama ,,

  • Assalamu alaikum
    I am a indian house wife….pls can u send me good recipe of foul…

  • I will be posting some foul recipes soon just for you :)

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