Ramadan Soups


I love having soup anytime of the year, even in the Summer time, maybe it’s a Southern thing! One thing I love about Ramadan is that everyone expects and enjoys soup for iftar. After families in Saudi break their fast with dates and qahwa they enjoy soup with samboosas. I have shared dozens of soup recipes with you all over the years and thought I would do a round up of my favorites that I always make during the Holy Month.

1. Syrian Dajaj Ablama

2. Saudi Quacker Soup

3. Lebanese Chicken and Semolina Soup

4. UAE Shorba Dajaj

5. Moroccan Harira

6. Yemeni Salta

7. Saudi Chicken Quacker Soup

8. Turkish Lentil Soup

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  • noor says:

    Hi Noor

    can you put some ideas to serve for suhoor? This is my first ramadan alone with my own family so i want to have a variety of dishes so we dont get bored!

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