Ramadan Mubarak

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I went ahead and made a five day meal plan for my family and went to Carrefour tonight to get what else we needed. Riyadh during Ramadan nights is always packed, even
more than usual but my husband and I both procrastinate when it comes to things
like grocery shopping. I love this time of year in Saudi, it’s kind of special
getting to celebrate with fellow Muslims something I missed when we did not
live here. I now see all the hardships Muslims in non-Muslim countries face
this time of year. Work here is released after dhur during Ramadan and the
schools do not open until after the month is completely over. As soon as the
magrhib athan calls through the streets you will see people all over handing
out cold water and dates to the passerby’s to break their fast. Small things like
that are surly a blessing.

I will keep
this spot updated about Ramadan in Saudi and much more this month so I hope you
all enjoy all that I have planned for you this year. It’s kind of weird to have
Ramadan in the middle of this blazing hot summer. We do not have daylight
savings time here so the days do not run as late for us. I know some countries
fast all day it seems, I feel for them. Again Ramadan Mubarak friends and thank
you for taking the time to read Ya Salam Cooking and making me feel like all
the work I do is worthwhile.

By the way do not forget to join Braun Arabia on Facebook here. We are having tons of Ramadan stories, tips and recipes during the month. If your a Muslimah join us over at Cafe Muslimah and if you want to look at several Arabic recipes check out this Pinterest folder here I have been working on for awhile. 

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