Ramadan Mubarak


InshAllah your first day of Ramadan was easy and full of blessings. I was really happy with how my day went and I hope to try to keep the entire month the same way. I prepped my food early and had it in the fridge ready to go so that I could get it on the stove and have it ready in time for Iftar. During this time I was able to clean up and have a lot of time instead of rushing around in the kitchen. I wanted to be able to make sure the last minutes of the day were used with me being able to talk to Allah alone by myself instead of getting ready for dinner. Because of the early prep I was able to do that, dinner was ready on time and I did not have a huge mess to clean up afterwards.

I used to get so caught up in iftar itself that I would make so much food, but the reality is that we eat just as much as any other day so making a lot of food is just useless. These days I just keep it simple, but I make sure to make all tradiontal foods during the Holy Month. I hate having my fridge stuffed with leftovers and no one wants to spend everyday eating the same thing. I like to make nice fresh food daily and I am able to since I keep everything at a normal size. While having good food during Ramadan is a must, it’s just is not what it is all about.

This morning for sahoor, I made jareesh soup and lamb samboosas. Of course we had vimto. For iftar I made mashi, rice and maakoud. I also had dates, laban, vimto and salad on the table. Later on we had caradmom tea and desserts that my husband broguht home. I will share those with you all later. What did you have?

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  • Simeen says:

    Salaam Noor,

    First day of ramazan was always very chaotic being in a joint family but this year I am more composed and in control of things as its just my husband and my four month old daughter. I started early as well with all the prep work done so that i wouldnt be sweating it out last minute…and alhamdulillah i was done with everything sooner than i anticipated and I had time for ibadah as well.
    We had a traditional rose water infused juice similar to vimto but different flavor and color…along with choley and dahi badey both traditional indian must have iftaar dishes and biryani. We love mint tea after dinner and dessert was dry apricot dessert with custard. You gotta have it!! Its super delicious:)

  • Aiza says:

    Salaam Noor,
    It sounds like you’ve found a pace to have a spiritually productive Ramadan. Hope this month brings you joy and peace.
    Love x

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