Ramadan Decorating


I had planned to really go all out this year with the decorating but then we decided to go to Dubai for Eid so I thought I would rather DIY this Ramadan. A few days ago Talal and I were sitting around deciding what we would do for decorations and I really had no idea. I had some colored tissue paper and some old decorations and that was pretty much it. I took some of the old decorations from his grade K graduation and cut some hats off and added some tissue paper that I fringed and cut some stars from other areas to make a little set up in the hall. It is all really simple but we were happy with the results plus Talal had a lot of fun helping. He was in charge of decorating the refrigerator and he drew us all sorts of pretty pictures about Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak everyone inshAllah you have a blessed month.

6 Responses to Ramadan Decorating

  • Aiza says:

    We have never decorated for Ramadan in our house. Nobody here does. Though I have to agree it is a good idea if you have a small family ;)

    • Noor says:

      Ahh that is sad :( Yea it is nice for the kids because you always want to make sure they are excited about Ramadan and Eid :)

  • sparklydatepalm says:

    Ramadan mubarak to you all! I do miss the UAE at this time of the year but will be back there soon enough.

    • Noor says:

      Ramadan Mubarak to you as well. I know I do love living here during Ramadan.

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