Ramadan Countdown: Meal Plan


As women we tend to get caught up with all the food and cooking of Ramadan every year and while there is barakah in cooking and feeding our fasting families it is important to focus on what Ramadan is really about. It seems many of us spend our days planning and preparing food and then cook it so that it is fresh and hot just at magrhib then we spend the evening having to clean up. With all of that when do we have time to focus on Allah?

A lot of us are so hungry or thirsty that we overcook so many things and end up wasting food or having to eat leftovers the rest of the week. Last year I really looked at my past Ramadans and decided that something needed to be done. I started making meal plans so I knew what I want to make and what I need to buy at the store ahead of time. Also I started cutting down what I cook every night. Yes, lots of varieties sound nice when you’re hungry but a fasting stomach can never even hold that amount of food so its better to keep it real. I would rather have fresh hot cooked every night instead of leftovers how about you? So just make the same amount for iftar that you would any other dinner throughout the year.

I like to write out my meal plan for the week and put it on the refrigerator and then I do get asked 1000 times a day what is for iftar (come on ladies you know your husbands do it as well lol). I am already moody from not eating or having caffeine and by the time I start to cook the last thing I want is someone pestering me about what I am cooking. Here in Saudi you can buy an entire plate of fresh samboosas really cheap so instead of spending hours in Ramadan preparing them I can save a lot of time. Samboosas are a must in an Arab house during Ramadan. You can also save time by prepping or freezing things before hand like lasagna or bread.

This year I plan on sharing some of my menus that I will be making with you all. I also found a Ramadan meal planner that you print off for free here. If you have any great tips for meal planning during The Holy Month then please share with us.

5 Responses to Ramadan Countdown: Meal Plan

  • Zainab John says:

    Good idea sis. I will definitely be taking your suggestion on board and do a meal plan. I plan on making this Ramadan the best ever for me and my family.

    Thank you for this post.

  • Sharifah says:

    You just about summed up my iftar dinners every Ramadan. Too much and lots of waste :-(

    I will certainly take your advice and try out my own meal plan and possibly getting some ideas from you.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • UmmBinat says:

    SalM alaikum, add me to the list of those who are going to plan this year insha Allah. Thank you sister :)

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