Ramadan Countdown: Decorations


I have always felt that decorating for Ramadan and Eid are really important regardless where you live in the world or even in you have kids. I feel that it is especially important for reverts who once lived a life full of holidays. As Muslims we only believe in our own holidays which are the two Eids but Ramadan is also important. Although it is not a holiday it is an important part of our religion and one of the pillars we believe in. I always feel that all the hype other religions brings sometimes makes people want to be part of it and not because they may believe in it but because it is human nature to be drawn to things that bring us together.

If you have children make their holidays just as exciting as other peoples but in a way that they can learn. This is a great time to teach them what Islam and being a Muslim is all about. All of my fond memories with my family includes baking Christmas cookies or hunting Easter eggs but as a revert and the mother of a Muslim child I want to give my son the same fond memories but in the way that we believe. We all want to have traditions that we pass on to our children just like our mothers did with us. We now have 25 days until Ramadan begins so it’s the perfect time to start collecting, buying or making decorations.

The day before Ramadan begins my son always loves to help me get the house ready with whatever decorations that we have. This is a really great bonding time for the entire family. Before I was even married, I also tried to decorate my house a bit because living in a place where I was the only Muslim could really bring me down. If you do not hype your own experiences no one else will.

Here are some ideas that may help you decorate for the Holy month:
Small lanterns can be placed around the table during iftar.
Place green and white candles around the house.
Decorate with balloons, banners, stars and moons.

For a few years now I have had a Ramadan/Eid board on Pinterest so check it out for some great ideas.

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  • ThisGirlBlogs says:

    I think this is an awesome idea! We’ve never decorated our house for Ramadhan (and our house is always empty during Eid as we all gather at my grandparents house so we’ve never decorated then either) but I think it would be nice to do something like this that could help us bond. Ramadhan is my favourite time of the month for many reasons but one of them is definitely how it brings my family closer together :-)

    • Noor says:

      You should do it for sure. Even if no one helps you I promise it really gets people into the spirit plus we have to make it what it is :) I hope you do and share with us your journey.

  • Om Lujain says:

    What a wonderful idea! We usually make decorations for Eid- never thought of doing it for Ramadan! But this year, with the us being in Riyadh, and not going anywhere.. I think it would be great! <3

    • Noor says:

      I am sure your little ones would love it. I know we have been stuck here for 2 summers now bc of the cafe ugh.

  • Sumayah says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. I thought I was alone on the subject of incorporating old traditions with new beliefs. I am a revert as well and was so happy to hear that your passion is passed on with your son. Mashallah.

    • Noor says:

      You know as a revert I know it is hard for us to go without all the holidays we once had not because we believe in them but bc we enjoy the traditions. Islamic holidays really do not get the hype that ours did so in order to not feel bad we need to fix it for ourselves and family inshAllah.

  • Chelsea says:

    As salaam w alaikum! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one with the decorator’s fever! MashaAllah! I am also a revert, and my son is now three and a half years old. This is the first year that I think he will “get” Ramadhan/Eid, and so I’ve been all over like a crazy lady looking for ornaments, crafts, recipes, and decoration ideas for our home.

    I often share the same sentiments with my friends/family: nonMuslim holidays get all the hype, and seem to “have all the fun,” but why can’t ours!? We get THREE days of festivity! SubhanAllah! I want my son to be just as proud and aware of his religion and our holidays as are his nonMuslim friends. My parents are nonMuslim also and I know that leaving Christmas behind them (in regards to myself and my son) had really been a challenge, especially for my mom. InshaAllah with her seeing that we also have these holidays and traditions, it will make the transition easier for her without jeopardizing my own beliefs. :)

    Let the Ramadhan/Eid excitement begin!!!

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