Ramadan Countdown: Coffee


With only 27 days left until Ramadan begins all of you coffee drinkers (me included) may want to go ahead and slowly start the process to wean yourself slow and steady before Ramadan actually gets here. Trust me everyone around you will be happy when you do not want to rip their heads off. Also those headaches will not happen (you all know those). So if you’re wondering how you can do this without suffering here is how.

I recommend buying a bag of coffee such as Starbucks Pikes Place decaffeinated. This is the only coffee that actually taste the same. They do not sell Pikes Place in Saudi so I order a bag of whole beans online and then I get it freshly ground here or you can do that yourself at home.

Week One- Every single day this week I want you to add a little less coffee to each cup until by the end of the week you only have a half a cup.

Week Two- Keep making your coffee smaller and smaller until you have just a small amount left and this is when you switch over to the decaf (it still has small amounts of caffeine but not a lot).

Week Three- Start drinking only decaf and start reducing the amount you pour of this into your cup all week as well.

Week Four- Make a switch to a good caffeine free tea like an herbal or try something like sahlab.

  • Did you know that Starbucks opened its first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market back in 1971.

6 Responses to Ramadan Countdown: Coffee

  • rebecca says:

    This post is awe-some. truly. I love it. (though I am not muslim) I love the celebration and intention. for some reason, it means so much to me to see a post like this. xxoo

  • Lovisa says:

    Assalam alekom :)
    Well I’ve only been fasting in Ramadan 2 times before but it all went smooth. I’ve been drinking coffee sense I where around 6-7 years old so coffee doesn’t affect me like others. It makes me calm and sleepy. (However I might have ADHD but have never been tested and I wont, i’A)
    But anyway I didn’t do any preperations at all I went from my normal meal a day with coffee and all to fasting. I did it without feeling to bad. (Just got a bit tired sense it where so sunny and warm)
    I am stubborn and has had a hard time to eat normally so maybe that’s the reason.

    Wall of text but yeah I take coffee before fasting starts and then next cup when fasting stops :)

    • Noor says:

      Who where are you from and is it common for kids to drink coffee that age? My grand-parents always told us if you drink coffee as a kid then you will not grow to make sure we do not have it. Coffee does not really do anything to me (I do not think anyway) but I do crave it because I like it.

  • Zainab Ismail says:

    Love it I was planning my slow down starting this weekend great breakdown!

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