Pistachio Filled Dates


In Saudi some typical ingredients for filling and covering dates would be coconut, chocolate, sesame seeds and nuts. I made this mixture with pistachios and orange blossom water. We prefer to have light desserts during Ramadan since everyone is full from iftar and not in the mood for a heavy dessert. This plumb filled date is perfect Arabic coffee or habek tea.

20 dates, pitted (I used sukary)
1/4 cup pistachios
1 teaspoon orange blossom water
1. In a small food processor add nuts and orange blossom water, grind until a paste has formed.
2. Carefully open dates keeping closed side intact and with a small spoon fill with nut paste, pack in. Place on a serving platter and serve.

12 Responses to Pistachio Filled Dates

  • that looks tasty! <3 :-)

  • You know I don’t think I have ever tasted a date before but I would really like to try this, it looks yumtastic!

  • Thanks ladies. You know I never started eating dates until like 6 years ago and now I love them so much.

  • great and simple idea. Seems like it would be similar in a way to the taste of baklava, but much less work and healthier! I’ve always liked eating dates and almonds or walnuts together as a snack.

  • !!!! This is so incredible! I just can’t stop staring! It’s so so beautiful! Pistachio filled dates what a wonderful combination! I’m so surprised! Off I go to buy a pack of pistachios!!!

  • Oh wow!

  • Yea this is so good for you and its naturally all sweet which is perfect and light. Thats what I love about dates.

  • Made this tonight! Loved it! I plan on making an assorted date platter with your date recipes for an iftar invite tomorrow night inshaAllah ;)

  • I am so glad that you liked it and that you and your family enjoy my recipes :)..

  • Salam alaikum sister, jazak Allah kheiren for this amazing simple yet fancy looking idea. DH enjoyed these to break the fast along with http://www.food.com/recipe/gulf-fresh-date-treat-456606 and some regular dates arranged in a pretty manner on a plate.

  • Salam alaikum sister Noor, thete are my go to fancIed up dates for ramadan!!

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