Arabic coffee is the most popular coffee drink in Saudi and the Arabian Gulf region (Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain). Arabic coffee is not your usual black coffee as it’s made of slowly roasted blond coffee beans and a bunch of spices that are slowly brewed. Arabic coffee is served in every social function, from simple friends gathering all the way to large weddings. Its entwined in the culture, has its own serving etiquette, and some people even dedicate their careers as coffee caterers and servers.

I came across Yatoob coffee the other day and was just amazed with it. Yatoob was started Lateefa Alwaalan a Saudi female. She wanted to create something easy for those who had a hard time making traditional Saudi coffee or who did not have the time. The Yatoob coffees come in four different flavors, one being the original and the other three have various spices that are used to make the coffee special at times.

It’s pretty simple you just add the packet to hot water, cook and then serve and you have the perfect cup every time. And if that was not cool enough she also has developed the first Arabic coffee maker which will be released to the public this September. Although the products are made and sold here in Saudi they are charging USD for it and it’s pretty expensive. Each pack is about $10 so if you get it I would save it for special occasions or you can just use my recipe and make it at home.

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AeroPress Coffee


As you all know by now I love experimenting with coffee and the toys that make it. When I first started I bought a french press and loved it then soon after that I heard that the moka pot made even better coffee (sort of espresso). I loved my moka pot so much that I never used the french press again and started to find American coffee so watery and kind of dirt tasting. I was really happy with my moka until I heard from a blog friend about the aeropress.

I had really never heard anything about the aeropress and was curious because it looked pretty insane. I went ahead and bought one because I was pretty intrigued by it. One thing I really never liked about the moka post was that you’re actually drinking the oils which are very bad since it does not have any filter however the aeropress does. I could use the exact amount of water and coffee in each one and they taste completely different. It is kind of hard to explain but the aeropress cup just taste so clean and not bitter what so ever.

To use the aeropress you just boil some hot water, add your ground coffee into the tube, add the water, stir and allow to sit for a minute then you just press the tube down over your cup and that is it. I hate making it in front of my husband because he always laughs at me with all my ‘tools’ as I am pushing and frothing (my milk). I have even saw online that several cafes are adding this to the store so that people can make their own cup. Maybe we should set some up in our cafe? If you’re looking for a great coffee maker then this is what you want.

Ramadan Countdown: Decorations


I have always felt that decorating for Ramadan and Eid are really important regardless where you live in the world or even in you have kids. I feel that it is especially important for reverts who once lived a life full of holidays. As Muslims we only believe in our own holidays which are the two Eids but Ramadan is also important. Although it is not a holiday it is an important part of our religion and one of the pillars we believe in. I always feel that all the hype other religions brings sometimes makes people want to be part of it and not because they may believe in it but because it is human nature to be drawn to things that bring us together.

If you have children make their holidays just as exciting as other peoples but in a way that they can learn. This is a great time to teach them what Islam and being a Muslim is all about. All of my fond memories with my family includes baking Christmas cookies or hunting Easter eggs but as a revert and the mother of a Muslim child I want to give my son the same fond memories but in the way that we believe. We all want to have traditions that we pass on to our children just like our mothers did with us. We now have 25 days until Ramadan begins so it’s the perfect time to start collecting, buying or making decorations.

The day before Ramadan begins my son always loves to help me get the house ready with whatever decorations that we have. This is a really great bonding time for the entire family. Before I was even married, I also tried to decorate my house a bit because living in a place where I was the only Muslim could really bring me down. If you do not hype your own experiences no one else will.

Here are some ideas that may help you decorate for the Holy month:
Small lanterns can be placed around the table during iftar.
Place green and white candles around the house.
Decorate with balloons, banners, stars and moons.

For a few years now I have had a Ramadan/Eid board on Pinterest so check it out for some great ideas.

Ramadan Countdown: Coffee


With only 27 days left until Ramadan begins all of you coffee drinkers (me included) may want to go ahead and slowly start the process to wean yourself slow and steady before Ramadan actually gets here. Trust me everyone around you will be happy when you do not want to rip their heads off. Also those headaches will not happen (you all know those). So if you’re wondering how you can do this without suffering here is how.

I recommend buying a bag of coffee such as Starbucks Pikes Place decaffeinated. This is the only coffee that actually taste the same. They do not sell Pikes Place in Saudi so I order a bag of whole beans online and then I get it freshly ground here or you can do that yourself at home.

Week One- Every single day this week I want you to add a little less coffee to each cup until by the end of the week you only have a half a cup.

Week Two- Keep making your coffee smaller and smaller until you have just a small amount left and this is when you switch over to the decaf (it still has small amounts of caffeine but not a lot).

Week Three- Start drinking only decaf and start reducing the amount you pour of this into your cup all week as well.

Week Four- Make a switch to a good caffeine free tea like an herbal or try something like sahlab.

  • Did you know that Starbucks opened its first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market back in 1971.