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Why should you advertise or promote your products through Ya Salam Cooking?
At Ya Salam Cooking, I make every effort to get to know my readers well, through interacting through email & this site, getting to know them on a more personal level and by responding personally to comments and feedback. I have a good rapport with my readers and, due to obtaining regular feedback from them, I know what is likely to prove popular.

I am happy to review your products and services if they are likely to be of interest to my readers. Essentially, this means that your product should be available to most of my readers, unoffensive and attractive to the average demographic of my blog readers:
  • female
  • worldwide residents
  • married with children
 Some examples of suitable products and services include things such as:
  • cooking or household software
  • cookware
  • kitchen utensils
  • spices
  • samples
  • food or drink products
  • anything which would appeal to my readers
  • please discuss any other items with me 
Please email me for a quote.

I accept payment via PayPal only, please ask me to send you an easy-payment invoice. I am sorry that I cannot provide refunds if you opt to cut your advertising short.

My stats (end 2010)
Daily page views: 1,157 
Blog Followers: 255
Twitter followers: 401
Need a guest blogger?
I am more than happy to write guest articles and tutorials on other blogs, please contact me if you need an article. My rates depend on length and complexity of the article or tutorial, but I frequently provide these for free.

Stats (end of August 2011)
Daily page views: 2,000
Blog Followers: 345
Twitter followers: 819

Stats (May 2012)
Blog Followers: 436
Pinterest Followers: 411

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