Ooo la la

The other night my family and I went to the mall and we had decided to grab some food as well. Granada mall has a new stand called ‘Crepe World’. I am a huge lover of all crepes from savoury to sweet so once I saw the stand I knew right away what I wanted. The small store looked extremely clean which is a huge factor when I choose food. Of course the strawberry crepe drenched in chocolate was screaming my name so what’s a girl to do but order it?

My husband had been going on and on that he could not believe I wanted a stupid crepe for dinner but as he brought it to me all I heard was how astounding the food, store and workers were. As I looked over my freshly made crepe I had to admire the workmanship. I mean after all not just anyone can make a crepe. The crepe was perfectly round, thin and golden. The strawberries were large and bright red. The chocolate was freshly warmed milk chocolate drizzled over the crepe with powder sugar that looked like dusted snow. And the taste oh my just took me to another world. This crepe was perfect in every way just like its home base Crepe World.

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