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Last night Talal and I was at the mall and a few workers were serving traditional Saudi coffee. I love Saudi coffee so I went to get some for myself. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing Nescafe had started making instant Saudi coffee, what? And you all let me tell you this stuff is the real deal it taste exactly like it should. I was so excited I had to tell my mother in law that I found instant coffee that taste just like hers, no joke it does and that is a good thing.

So Nestle is selling two different boxes (both are sr29) one box contains 20 sticks and each stick makes 3 Arabic cups of coffee and the other box has 3 large sticks and each stick will fill one dullah. Since last night was their first day of promoting the coffee I am not sure everywhere that it is available but I do know that you can find it in the Granada Carrfoure. All of the Saudis were trying it and saying Helwa and the boxes were literally flying off the shelves. Nestle is going to make a killing with this one. You can check out the Arabiana website here.

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  • Asmaa says:

    Oooh I wonder if nescafe will bring it to the UK, inshaAllah id like to try it. <3
    Ma salaama

  • Asmaa says:

    i’m contacting nescafe/nestle to find out inshaAllah and that is kind of you noor thank you <3

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