My Kitchen Woes

Growing up my mom would make my brothers and I popcorn balls every Fall. It was always something that I looked forward to. Now that I am a mother I would love to keep the same tradition for my family. However, I have one problem. I can not make popcorn balls to save my life. I tried once last year and I guess I took the caramel off the stove to soon and it would not even hold the popcorn together so this year I vowed I would get it right and not make that same mistake. So last night I went at it again. I had everything ready and was stirring my caramel. Oh yea this was defiantly better then last year. At one point I thought it was done but I had read online that you should drop some in cold water. If it formed a ball instead of strings it was not done. It kept forming balls so I kept in cooking. Finally I smelt this burning smell and my house filled with black smoke.

Okay at this point I knew I had went way past the point I wanted. Like an idiot I sticky my index finger into this hot mixture to taste without thinking. Oh the pain! I burnt my entire thumbprint off and now I have a second degree burn. I had to keep my finger on something frozen for over two hours or I would have this horrid pain. I even had to take two Advil. Today I have this huge blister the size of a quarter and its a good half an inch off the finger. So I guess I should just throw the towel in on making my mommas popcorn balls.

You would think a Southern girl could make some good Southern food and something as traditional as popcorn balls but its just about the opposite for me folks. Growing up my momma always wanted to teach me how to cook saying a girl should know her way around a kitchen. I could not believe the nerve she had saying that to me. I was like seriously do you think I will ever stay at home cooking for a man like some 1940′s housewife. All through university I ate out for every meal. I do not even remember having food in my fridge ever.

Then reality hits and you get married and soon find yourself having to cook for your family. And you all know how it is when you first get married. You want to do everything to spoil and please your husband. So I was on a mission to teach myself how to cook but not only that but to cook his favorite meals. I have some crazy stories and my poor husband went through a lot of bad food to get where we are today. He has ate raw chicken, helped me clean food that exploded and went behind the stove and lets just say this I could go on for awhile from the first few months of marriage.

Now almost five years later I can keep up with the best of them. That’s really what made me want to start this blog. To help all the people out there with easy to follow recipes that I once longed for but could never find. I absolutely adore cooking now and find it a brilliant way to connect with my family and friends. Now my husband thinks I am the best of cooks and that really makes it all worth while, right?

So you see that’s why I can not cook Southern food hardly. Because I never did what so ever. I have tried A LOT to make it and for some reason or another its always an absolute disaster. I have about gave up. I am from a very, very small town in east Tennessee and its unheard of for a woman not to know how to cook cornbread. I remember my mammaw and the people at the local hardware store were laughing because I could not even cook a pan of cornbread (yea, that’s a small town for you lol). But hey I have to say that I can make a pan of cornbread now after years of practice and the best sweet tea you will ever taste.

So as I sit here typing with my unusable finger all I can think about is that I sure can not wait to get back home and have some of my families good Southern cooking and someone to teach me how to make popcorn balls.

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  • Jennifer says:

    Essalam Alaikum,

    Masha’allah my father used to make them for us when we were small too. I have thought to do the same for my children but don’t know where to find quality caramel, my dad used to just peel and melt on the stove. Insha’allah I will give it a whirl soon and let you know how they turn out.

  • Arrwa says:

    salam noor
    wow just can’t believe you only recently learnt how to cook! i would never have thought that, well hopefully that means their is hope for my daughters yet!

  • Ann says:

    Aww, that is sucha heartwarming post. The little independent girl from Tennessee then went on to become an international cook that her family dotes on. You forgot that part! Popcorn balls are small fry compared to what you have mastered. Sorry to hear about your finger – that sounds painful!

  • Noor says:

    Alaykum Salam,

    Jennifer I tried making the mixture on the stove my mom never used the candies. Maybe I should try again lol. After my injury heals :p

    Arrwa oh yes you have a lot of hopes lol if I can do it trust me ANYONE can I was so BAD lol. Yea people seem to think I was cooking my entire life but nope just the past 4 years :)

    Ann your way to sweet and that was so kind of you to say. Thanks so much and my finger is STILL hurt very bad;y :(

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