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So this is my birthday weekend (ok, technically it’s not until Monday but I like to celebrate for a few days). I really wanted to go somewhere nice but with my son those days are just over so I have to opt for family friendly atmospheres.

We drove past a little cute place called “Mimi’s Café” and I just had to go. In case you do not know I am a huge café person. I was telling my husband just today how I could live on French food forever since it was pretty much coffee and carbohydrates, yummy my favorites. I was so excited when we walked through the door seeing how since we have been here in Oklahoma I have yet to see a café and I do miss my all time favorite one “La Madeline” back in DC so very bad. As soon as we sat down I saw it was not French but New Orleans style cuisine. “Well, that is ok I can work with this” was my first thought. I ordered the Turkey meal (please do not even ask me why). I think I got all excited for Thanksgiving food early.

So, they brought my food out (ugh, gravy all over everything even though I asked for it on the side). Ok, so they bring a new plate out and well it was not bad but it was still cold so I am guessing it came straight from the freezer and was microwaved but not even enough. I was so very disappointed seeing how I had such high hopes. I guess no place will ever be my special “La Madeline” will it?

But on the bright side I ordered a café mocha and it was very tasty and HUGE. Look I even took a picture on my cell for you all to show you how huge it was. It was so big I could not even pick this cup up never mind the waiter spilt half of it all over the plate.

Grade: D (and I am being nice since I liked the Mocha).

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  • Courtney says:

    Hi! I found your blog through themomblogs forum. We seem to have a lot in common. I just moved to OK from MD. I know now I won’t try Mimi’s out. Thanks for the heads up.

  • tnasee says:

    I hate that you had a bad experience with gravy all over everything. When I get something in my head and just see it and it turns out the opposite it is so disappointing. Bye the way Happy Birthday Weekend dear.

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