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Several years ago an Arabic cooking club called Walima was started by a Lebanese lady and many of us (myself included) were able to take part in it. I really loved all the challenges of cooking a new dish across the Arab world monthly, meeting all the foodies who love what I do and also seeing how we all interpreted a dish that was the same into something different. I do not know what happened to the club, but it just sort of stopped one day. I guess everyone got busy with life in general. Since then I have wanted to create another one myself, but have never really had time to start it up until now that is.

So without further ado, I am here to tell you all about a brand new Middle Eastern Cooking club that I hope you all take part in. You do not have to have a blog, live in the Middle East or even be Middle Eastern. You just have to love trying new things, spices and beautiful food. MENA stands for Middle East and North Africa and I really could not describe it better than just using the initials and keeping it short and sweet. Each month we will have a new country and a host. The host for the month will choose what dish we all make for the upcoming month.

Here is a list of the countries:
Algeria: hosted by Asmaa of Halal Home Cooking
Egypt: hosted by Amira of Arabian Mama
Iraq: hosted by Maryam of Maryam’s Culinary World
Palestine: hosted by Amani
Saudi Arabia: hosted by Noor of Ya Salam Cooking
Syria: hosted by Joumana of Taste of Beruit
United Arab Emirates: hosted by Tamar

If you’re interested in being part of the MENA Cooking Club then please select the country that you want to host and fill out this form. From there I will give you all the information you need to be part of the group and to host. If you want to be part of the cooking club you do not have to ever be a host, but you still need fill out the form to get the information.

Please hurry and get everything in so we can get started. We will also have buttons so you can add to your blog if you would like.


17 Responses to MENA Cooking Club

  • Maryam says:

    This is a fantastic idea!
    I would love to be a member as well as host.

    Thank you.

  • Maryam says:

    Iraq would be wonderful, if however it is unavailable or I could host two, I would also like do host Qatar. Thank you so much, Noor.

  • Simeen says:

    As salaamu alaikum,

    I have been following your recipes for a few months now and also your blog…its my favorite pass time…I moved to riyadh from New york about a year back and i love being here and love the food…you recipes are simple and easy to follow…Jazak Allah khair for introducing me to cooking middle eastern food. I have submitted my form and i am looking forward to being a member of MENA Cooking club. oh and thank you sooo much for bringing bagels to riyadh!

    • Noor says:

      Wa Alaykum Salam, Simeen thank you for your kind words they have really made my day. I look forward to getting to know you better and having you in the club. If this country girl can cook Arabic anyone can lol. Glad you like the bagels, but we plan to sell the store at the end of the year due to so many issues like break ins, etc. :(

  • Amira says:

    Assalam Alaykom Noor. So that’s the club we were talking about finally see the light. You disappeared my friend so i thought the idea did not appeal to you anymore!!!! anyway I would be more than happy to join :)

    • Noor says:

      I am not sure if you got my email last night, but I had lost your mail until you sent this email. Do you still want to partner in it? We can and I would love that inshAllah :)

  • Asmaa says:

    As-Salaamu Alaykum noor,
    JazakAllahu khairan for bringing sisters together through this cooking club in sha allah
    What does mena mean?
    Sorry to hear about the store :( is security there very costly?
    I will make a blog post soon as i can maybe its a good idea for me to wait until the button is available? Or could i use your post image which is beautifully shot allahumma barik

    • Noor says:

      Wa Alaykum Salam, we have had many issues since we opened. CRAZY things I will email you :/ , but we just want to sell and get out of owning a business at this point. I will make the buttons soon inshAllah and yes please everyone take the image :)

  • tamar says:

    Salaam ya Noor

    I tried to sign up as both Member and Host but was unable to. Can you please adjust my form? Have signed up to host Egypt.


    • Noor says:

      I have emailed you dear, but Egypt is already taken what else would you like?

  • TasteofBeirut says:

    Hi Noor,
    Great idea, would love to be a part of your mena club and I would of course select either Iraq or syria (to get out of my comfort zone); I miss Arlette’s club, walima, but I still chat with her now and then on FB

    • Noor says:

      I have you down and I am so excited that you’re part of this with us. Tell Arlette hi I have missed her and the club :)

  • LIl says:

    Just suBmitted my form to join the group. We just recently moved to the middle east for the first time and i want to learn all i can, so this seems perfect!

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