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I have been wanting to try Maya for a while now I mean its a chocolate cafe for crying out loud. My son was over at my in laws for a few hours so my husband and I were able to finally drop by the hayat mall branch. The place is always filled with women and kids and I always tell my husband that we women have a special love affair with chocolate, so true right? We ordered the chocolate fondue and I got a latte as well.

I was kind of disappointed though but maybe it’s because I am a big fondue person and The Melting Pot has always been one of my favorite places to dine. Of course the fruit was great but the rest was just dried out cakes, my latte was so sweet that I could not even drink it and we had a waiter that was kind of rude. It was not all that and I doubt I would ever go back again but at least I was able to finally try it.

What about you do you like fondue?

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  • I’ve never had chocolate fondue believe it or not but isn’t it just like melted chocolate? I used to in my non Muslim days melt my Easter eggs in the microwave now I wonder if that taste matches fondue lol me thinks not

    • Fondue is actually a lot of various foods (just stuff you cook yourself pretty much) but of course chocolate is my fav.

  • What I want to know is, when are they coing to Jeddah?!

  • Well at least it looks good to the eyes for us readers.. Maybe the stretch the chocolate with maizena and milk? Jeddah I think only has the place you posted before with dates and fondue..

    • Shes alive! Good to see you sweetie. I am not sure but when they hand you that white thing your like wow its filled but its like about 5 tablespoons lol. Also the cake stuff was hard as a rock and the husband was like whats this green thing lol.

    • Yes I am… I was trying to email u but my yahoo mail won’t allow me access. :( I cut all electronic connections with the world for a couple months. No, not pregnant. Lol

    • Sometimes a break does us good and I took one about a year ago. Sometimes the net just adds stress that you do not need inshAllah you feel refreshed I missed you.

  • P.S you never just hand an American two marshmallows when they order a pot of chocolate fondue.

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