Mandy Spice Mix

2 tablespoons cardamom pods
2 tablespoons cloves
2 teaspoons black pepper
1 teaspoon ground kholegan (if this is not available use ginger but reduce to half the amount)
4 bay leaves

1. In a coffee grinder or food processor finely blend all spices together until in powder form.

Yields: 1/3 cup

16 Responses to Mandy Spice Mix

  • thank its a nice to know how to make this spice just i need to know i need fresh ginger powder or paste wait for ur answer thank u

  • So excited to make this but I am wondering what the 5th ingredient is supposed to be. It only says 1 tsp. ground….

  • OOPs sorry I forgot it. It is nutmeg but if use mace in its place if you can get it. If not just leave it out. The cardamom is a great substitute for nutmeg.

    Your dh will like this its a old traditional Yemeni recipe.

  • Oh goodie!!!! Im making this today, inshaAllah. I didnt know it was Yemeni until one of my Jordanian friends asked me if I knew how to make it. Of course, I said no but I remembered seeing your recipe here. Now I can say I know how. Lol! I hope I get it right. :p

  • After you read the recipe and get to doing it you will get it right inshAllah. Did you watch the youtube video I made as well? Its in the recipe (the link is). Yes all things Saudi once were Yemeni :p

  • Salam alaikum Noor. I used this modified to not contain an intoxicant, as nutmeg is one and I also heard it is not sold in Saudi Arabia because of that? Anyway I used less allspice in its place and the ground ginger. Jazak Allah kheiren for the recipe.

  • Alaykum Salam you know its crazy but they do sell it here..

  • thank you vmuch i found how to make chicken mandy..i was just bought the spice from the global village in dubai..

    may i know if u know how to make mazbe spice mix?

    i bought mandy and mazbee spice in the global village…just wonder, where to get it when i come back to my country?..:))


  • I am not sure what that mix is. UAE and KSA have many different foods but you know I think Malay food is way better than Arab anyway lol.

  • I love Mandy Chicken, always order when I go to Yemeni Restaurant here. What is kholegan? is it turmeric?

  • Oh kholegan is galangal, it is common here in Malaysia, but fresh ones. haven’t seen dried ones. Thanks for your fast reply. I must try your recipe soon!

  • Re: Mandy Spice Mix

    Asalam Alaikum Noor, for the pepper and clove i am assuming we are grinding the whole spice ? Just wondering if it will be too peppery.

  • Hi again, i want to make this but stuck with the kholegan (galangal). We dont have ground galangal here but we have fresh ones. Can i use that in place of the ground galngal? How much should i use? Thx in advance

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