Leftover Coffee Ideas

When I first bought my French Press last
month I would always end up with about one or two inches of leftover coffee. At
first I just threw it out but then I thought why I am wasting this really good
coffee (not the leftover part with the grounds just extra coffee) I grabbed a large jar with a lid from the cabinet and every day I would
pour my leftover coffee in the jar and then refrigerate it. I also poured some
in my ice cubes so that I can make some awesome cold coffee; I always hate how
watery real ice makes your cold coffee.
Every time I go to any coffee house in the
Summer I order an espresso shaker. Just espresso, milk and some ice is the way
I like it. Now at home when I am in the mood for one of my favorite chill out
drinks I just go to the fridge and take out my coffee jar, add some milk and
sugar and shake like crazy. I pop some of my coffee cubes in a cup and pour my
drink over the top. It’s fast, easy and delicious and I do it all with the
little bit of coffee leftover daily.

What are some of your favorite summer time
coffee recipes and tricks?

5 Responses to Leftover Coffee Ideas

  • New Wife says:

    doesn’t the coffee in the jar taste stale? usually when we have coffee left in the pot it tastes yucky :-/

  • Noor says:

    New Wife I am not sure about the coffee pot but I use the French Press all that stuff is pushed down so the coffee that stays is all clean and fresh :)

  • tonydicorpo says:

    cold brew your coffee over 12hrs and you won’t have an issue with it being too weak. you will be surprised what a great flavor profile you will have when you cold brew. Hot coffee cooled is more acidic and of course, weak when u add ice to it.

  • Noor says:

    I have heard of this and wanted to try but it seems like such a mess with all the coffee and pressing the grounds out.

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