Lebanese Honey Pack


I absolutely love everything about honey. Growing up my pappaw had hives in our yard and we always had our own honey. I was just a kid back then but now looking back I have no idea how he did it. We had a really large yard and on the side area was maybe a dozen or so boxes for the bees. Behind the house we had a small house that we called the honey house. I do not remember him having any fancy machines or anything but he always brought big jars of honey out of there when he was done and wow was it amazing.

Luckily Arabs love honey so I am always able to try different kinds while being here in Saudi. This past weekend I was in AlRifai and picked up this honey gift pack from Lebanon. It has five different versions which are orange blossom, oak mountain, mountainous October, bee pollen mille fleurs and shandib & zallou’. My favorite is the oak mountain which is harvested by bees from the sweet resin coating oak leaves & pine needles from the forest in Lebanon. This one is the closet to the honey we have used to make at home since the forest around our homes are usually oak and pine trees.

So Talal and I did a little taste test and I thought I would share what we thought about each one.
Orange Blossom- You could certainly taste orange and flowers with this one and I think this was our favorite.
Oak Mountain- This one tasted like kind of like wood.
Mountainous October- It was pretty good but kind of sweet.
Bee pollen mille fleurs- It tasted just like rotten dried fish, no thanks. Why do people even eat been pollen?
Shandib & zallou’- I had never seen honey that looked like this. It was thick and looked like gee or butter. Very thick and had some sort of odd taste.

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  • Asmaa says:

    Salam alaikum noor,

    Have you tried Manuka honey? Its very thick and strong taste hard to describe but me and the kids adore it shame it’s so expensive.
    I like orange blossom honey but again a tad more expensive sometimes I cheat and add orange blossom water to honey, it works :-)

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