The Largest Collection of Middle Eastern Recipes


I have been using Pinterest since it first came out and it was at that time that I created a board for Middle Eastern recipes. I started adding other food bloggers or people who would ask to be on the board and it has since grown to almost 40 pinners and over 3,000 recipes. I think this board that we have worked on to create is one of the largest sources you will find with authentic Middle Eastern recipes. I started Ya Salam Cooking in 2007 with the hopes to bring Saudi food to the world since at the time there was no recipes available and I knew there had to be someone else like me who married into the culture and needed the help too.

Since then I have moved to Saudi and even had a little Saudi of my own, so my hopes have been to showcase Middle Eastern food to the world as much as I can. A lot of the cultures and traditions have died or soon will be and I have taken it upon myself to try to preserve what I can. It always makes me happy to hear a western woman who married a Saudi tell me happy she is to have found this space or a new Saudi bride email me a thanks for teaching her how to make something. That is what blogging and food are all about to me, bringing people and families together.

That is exactly what we have been able to do in this space, in MENA Cooking Club and on our Pinterest board. I hope that maybe I have helped bring Middle Eastern food and its beautiful history to the rest of the world in some small way. And of course you all have to visit our board and take a look at all the recipes from all over the world and the amazing people who created them.

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  • Nadia says:

    Thank you darlin’. I love going through your blog. You have done a wonderful service for so many! Xoxoxo

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