Knossos Restaurant

401 Maple Ave E
Vienna, VA 22180
(703) 281-6242

Knossos Restaurant is a small little Greek Café in Vienna that I could not believe I have ever noticed it or ate at. Next door to Knossos is Amphora (another Greek Diner) and Amphora Bakery (Greek Bakery). I was surprised to learn that they were all owned by the same person. The only difference in Knossos and Amphora is that at Knossos you get more food for less. Wow, now I am really glad we ate there. But I have to tell you that I have eaten at all three now and they are all very good. But Knossos is the best food for the price and size. I ordered the chicken was only one man working in the café and he was extremely nice. The entire place was starting to get souvlaki which is one of my favorite dishes and it was amazing. My husband had the gyro which was beef and lamb mixed and wow it was splendid. Therefilled but yet he was fast and pleasant the entire time, now that is what I call service.

Grade: B

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