Kitchen Love

My New Kitchen Items

1. Klaus and Yves Shakers
2. All the Buzz Travel Mug
3. Colorful Palate Utensil Set
4. Bubby’s Matryoshkas Measuring Cups

I order
from ModCloth quite a bit and have never been disappointed with any of their
products. They have some of the cutest clothing, jewelry and home items that I
have found and the shipping is pretty decent. This kitchen items are a few of
the latest things I received in my order and I really am happy with all of
them. The cat salt and pepper shakers are adorable and hold a great amount. The
utensils are colorful, this travel thermos is perfect for one person to carry a
hot drink and it fits in my purse, have a magnet that holds them all together
and they are really durable and these measuring cups are so nice they are high quality
and look cute on your counter.

Overall I was
really pleased as always with these items and will order some more stuff for my
kitchen soon. The travel mug and measuring cups are already sold out things
actually sell out pretty fast over at Modcloth but you can add an item to your
watch list and they remind you when it comes back in. Sometimes I get tired of
the boring standard stuff and want something a little more unique for my

5 Responses to Kitchen Love

  • cookalotje says:

    I have the Matryoshka measuring cups. I adore them. Altough it says on the package and the cups that they are not dishwasher safe I put them in anyways. they are fine! I want my product to be useful and I do not like washing up by hand after baking.

  • fionkafied says:

    I got a matryoshka water bottle/cup combo from Virgin yesterday, it’s SO adorable! I’ll check these measuring cups out, too! :)

  • Noor says:

    btw I meant to share in the post that I tried the travel mug and it holds 4 cups of coffee :)

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