I Love AeroLatte




A fewmonths ago I came across a blog that had a nice cup of homemade cappuccino on

it and I could not believe she did not have a fancy coffee machine. Her secret

weapon to get the ultimate cup of froth was an aerolatte. I had to order one

for myself and when it arrived I thought the packaging and product was very

high quality. I took a small bit of milk, warmed it for a few seconds and

whisked it. I would not believe the amount of froth and how it stayed put this

little thing produced. I am just in love with this.

To give anexample I poured a small amount of milk and then whisked in and you can see in

the pictures how much froth is produced from that small amount. I have been

using Starbucks house blend in my French press with freshly frothed milk and

have been enjoying the best coffees here at home. If you like coffee then you should

really get one of these. You will not regret it!

9 Responses to I Love AeroLatte

  • From Yeast to Zest says:

    Wow this is cool, I would froth everything if I had one. lol! They sold some at Daisy (not this brand) but I wasn’t sure it would work then dh bought a couple massage (battery) items there that work really good…

  • Noor says:

    Yea it is my magic wand you can use it for milkshakes and all t says.

    Zelia I am lol its so amazing and the froth stays up forever not just a minute you need one.

  • Dorothy Explor'r says:

    …WOW. i had no idea that little gadget existed! something i definitely need to add to my collection!

    see, and this is why i heart blogging! ;D


  • Leigh Ha says:

    Check out your local Ikea! You can check online if they have a milk frother in stock, but there are only like $3!!!!!! :D

  • Noor says:

    Yea its really one of the best tools you will buy if you like drinks and the such (LIKE ME lol). Its not very much at all and its so strong wow.

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