Haneth is a lamb and rice Yemeni dish. This is one of the most popular dishes among wedding and other celebrations throughout the Middle East. My father in laws niece is getting married so in the Arabic culture the uncles slaughter lambs and have them prepared somewhere. This dish was prepared by some Yemeni men. I have never tasted such amazing lamb or rice in my life. This dish is amazing. The meat just falls off the bone and is as soft as butter. And of course you can not forget the boiled eggs a Saudi favorite around the rice. It taste just like a very good pot roast. The rice has some of the traditional Yemeni spaghetti noodles in it as well, but not every much. My mother in law sent us so much I have tons in the fridge and freezer.

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  • Sounds wonderful!

  • Yummy! Do you know what herbs or spices are used in it?

  • I am not sure what they used. I know the rice had cloves and as far as I can taste thats about it.

  • unlike most Americans we love lamb. In fact I made a lamb stew last night. It was fabulous. Here is a link to my all time favorite lamb recipe…


  • salam noor, sounds great and if you ever find out the recipe for this please please share it with us! thanks

  • Salam alaikum sister :) I would love the recipe for this insha Allah!!

  • Thanks everyone and I am sorry I actually do not have this recipe.

  • two versions
    http://www.examiner.com/article/yemen-food-as-old-as-time-braised-lamb-shanks-with-port leave out the flour.

    Or this http://video.about.com/gourmetfood/Slow-Roasted-Lamb-Shanks.htm

    I like a touch of clove and cinnamon too, not enough to taste just to make your tongue think

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