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Talal and I usually spend our Friday afternoons at the mall and he always goes to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream cone. For a few months now we noticed that they were building what looked like a traditional mud house area right across and we would always comment on what it would be. Well, this past Friday we we were getting his ice cream we were excited to see that it had opened. As you all know I love sharing pieces of Saudi and its culture with you, but it’s always hard for me to get pictures because most people are very against them and afraid you may capture them.

I waited until no one was around and tried to hurry and take a few to share with you and then I noticed a lady speaking with a young man that was working and figured she had to be the owner so I asked her if it was okay if I took a few pictures for my site. MashAllah she was really sweet and helped me take some pictures and told me they had just opened that evening. She introduced me to her sister and mother who were also super kind and I honestly felt like I had known them forever. The store’s name in English is Gedate Hesan Coffee and they have incorporated the old traditions into their decor as you see using the mud house with the beautiful Bedouin pieces. They serve delicious desserts both Saudi and European and real Saudi qahwa made in the dullah and all.

I am pretty particular about my Saudi Qahwa, but theirs was top notch and I loved it. And the dessert I had above was so fresh and good. I wish I had my Cannon instead of my iPad to get better quality pictures and also that I would have taken a few more like of the qahwa, but I was having such a nice time enjoying it with the family. The coffee stand is located upstairs in the food court in Granada Mall right across from Baskins Robbin. No matter if you’re an Arab or Western stop by and taste some of the famous Saudi qahwa. You do not find many places that serve it other than during Ramadan. Speaking of Ramadan it is coming up here in a few weeks and I cannot wait to stop back by after iftar for a snack.

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  • Hi noor

    I have been following your blog for a couple years now and i just recently came to saudi to live with my husband. Can you give me any tips and tricks of the country like places to go salons all in riyadh. I visit your page on a daily basis!!

    • Hi how are you Noor? Well I hope! Thank you for reading my site and I am glad that you enjoy it. I do not have any one salon that I use just usually whatever is close to my house. I have only been to two since I have been here in 7 years! I need to go thanks for reminding me. What other places would you like to know about? I will help anyway that I can and you can always email me as well.

  • Absolutely loved looking at the piCtures of the new store. InshAllah another on my to do list. Love your blog!!!

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