Hey friends I just wanted to let you know things may get weird around here for the next few days and YSC may even be off line for a bit. After 5 years of blogging and using Blogger as my host I have finally decided to move Ya Salam Cooking over to WordPress. The most tedious thing is always the DNS issues (domain stuff). So please bare with me while I get everything situated. I have been a big support of Blogger but the more I get to know WordPress the more I feel like it’s the best choice for my growing blog. Thanks so much for understanding and inshAllah things will be back to normal soon. Nothing should change once everything is complete.

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  • Laylah says:

    Cool! I wish I knew how to do that with my blogs too I would do it in a heart beat, so tired of Blogger..

    • Noor says:

      I just started coding in WP a year ago and after getting to know it better its much better (but its not easier).

    • Noor says:

      I love Ikea I am always on the outlook for stuff for my food pics lol.

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