My husband and I had the entire day
together alone yesterday and we had the most amazing day. During our day we
decided to visit Furusato the only authentic Japanese restaurant in Riyadh. Riyadh
does claim to have a few more Japanese restaurants but they food and space is
horrid. I LOVE Furusato and they have the great sushi, just like in Asia. It’s
hard for us to have sushi as much as we would like since my son would not dare
eat it so when we had this opportunity we jumped. We ordered about 40 pieces
and I honestly cannot even remember all we ordered but it was delicious.

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  • From Yeast to Zest says:

    Man I haven’t had sushi in years, I made it a MUST when planning our US trip but the day we actually went to a Japanese restaurant in GA the kids were being naughty and dh was in a bad mood, so I threw a fit and refused to taste anything. lol….They had this really nice Japanese restaurant opening here and at the last minute it was turned into a Chinese one instead, I was Mad. I guess it’s hard to find Japanese chefs that are Muslim to come here (Indonesians are pretty good at this though) but Alhamdullah dh did find one for the hotels new restaurant which inshAllah I cannot wait for its grand opening! Everything looks amazing and not Middle east cheap-eee made at all.

  • Noor says:

    Yea we were SO HAPPY to find this place alhumdullah. Indonesians do make the best sushi after the Japanese and like you said they do it halal. The sushi in the states is never halal so that sucks :( Ahh I hate when that happens and it always does when you do not want it to the most.

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