Food Photography: Playing With Your Food

food{taken with my IPad}

I have had my DSLR (Canon eos 55d) for a while now and my pictures on here have became relativity better. For those of you who have followed me for a while now I am sure you remember my pictures before with my point and shoot (holds head in shame). Yes, you can still see many of those images on here. As much as I tried to make the pictures pretty there was just no way to do so with the camera I had. The quality of my images has greatly improved but I still have a long way to go to the place I would actually want to be. I absolutely adore going through foodgawker and looking at the beautiful food and when I am looking for a recipe I always go to the sites with the beautiful images.

A DSLR has so much to it and it can be a bit overwhelming at times. I have always wanted to take some sort of class for hands on experience but lets get real I live in Saudi Arabia. This morning I was browsing through skill shares which is a great site to take online courses from and came across a food photography week long course for only $15. I immediately signed up and came here to tell you all about it because so many of you write me asking about food photography or my camera and so on. Practice makes perfect and if you own a DSLR then you should take this course with it, lets see we improve shall we.

What You’ll Learn

Food is notoriously difficult to photograph. Fail to use some basic techniques and that mouth watering dish you’re trying to capture might not look so appetizing. If you want your food to look as good as it tastes, this class is for you! Whether you’re a general food lover, avid home cook, or aspiring food blogger, you’ll gain useful skills and valuable information. This class promises to be a real treat!

Playing with Your Food is perfect for DSLR beginners. You’ll find out tips and tricks for taking better food photos. You’ll learn about composition, light, texture, and color. I’ll guide you through:

  • The main elements of a good food photograph
  • The importance of angles and natural light
  • A few plating techniques
  • How to use and where to get props
  • How to edit and enhance the basic quality of your image

Enroll and your food photographs will be better than ever! For a project you’ll say something beautiful with your food, using red as your theme for an added challenge. When you’re done, share your photos with the rest of us! Upload them to the Project Gallery on Skillshare and share on Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms using the hashtag #WithFoodinMind.

This class was organized by With Food in Mind, a nomadic not-for-profit working at the intersection of food, visual culture, and social change. Because food is relevant to every living person, we believe that it is uniquely capable of engaging many different audiences in learning about the arts. This class is part of our ever-growing series of adult workshops.

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* I am in no way affiliated through this I just want you all to learn along with me.

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