Food in Riyadh

Who does not love food? I love having good food at good restaurants. Here are some succulent food pictures from around Riyadh at some pretty fabulous places (to me anyway). If your ever here in Riyadh drop by and I promise you will not be sorry. This is a list of my top three.

Diamond Restaurant
location: Tayliha right next to Second Cup
cuisine: Asian Fusion
thoughts: You walk in and you feel like you traveled out of Saudi Arabia. The decor is amazing with top if the line service. The food was so delicious and they have great sushi. Do not even bother taking small kids.

Al Bohasialy
location: Down the road from Tamimi before on the right before you take the turn towards Riyadh Galleria
cuisine: Turkish
thoughts: You can smell the food before you walk in and it draws you in immediately. This is a very nice place. The staff is beyond helpful and caters to your every need. The food is very traditional. All kids are welcome here as your in your own private room.

Al Nafoura Seafood
location: Osama bin Zaed Street
cuisine: Middle eastern specialty
thoughts: This has to be one of the best places I have ever ate at. I have never saw a setup quite like this. This place is pricey but well worth it. You are waited on hand and foot with a smile and offered several courses. You also have your own private room. You get everything from crepes, caviar to seafood beyond comprehension.

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