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Ahh flat whites my new all time favorite coffee drink. I feel like I am so behind just learning what they are and what greatness I have been missing all these years of coffee drinking. A flat white is a double shot of espresso with this beautiful foam on the top. No, it is not a cappuccino or latte although some baristas that do not know what they are doing seem to make it that way. Luckily if you are living in Riyadh they do sell them at your local Starbucks.

The flat white has this velvet like foam instead of the usual stiff froth. A good flat white is all about packing as much taste as possible into a small package. I was just telling my good friend Nicole here in Riyadh when we were out that I wanted to try a cortado pretty badly and then I went on to tell her about flat whites and had her try one as well. No surprise she really loved it but she also told me they were almost like cortados. So for you all that have had those then there you go.

Official Definitions of a Flat White:

The flat white has less milk, less foam (hence flat white) and therefore proportionately more coffee than a latte. The desired texture is a velvety sensuality and there should also be a natural sweetness. New Zealand flatties tend to be double espresso shots while Australians typically pour a single. -Joseph Hoye from Electric Coffee Bean

The main difference between a latte and a flat white is the ratio of milk and espresso. The flat white has less milk than a latte and usually a bit less foam on top. Unlike many people think, the flat white does have foam on top. –Coffee Info

Steamed milk poured over two shots of espresso, topped with microfoam. –Starbucks

3 Responses to Flat White

  • Umm Shems says:


    It’l pretty sad of how many times I’ve been to Starbucks ( too many times to mention) and have never heard of this. Now I have to go and try it out. I always get a regular latte because I can’t always handle the sweeter lattes. Thanks for the info. Oh, by the way, your blog was a life saver when I was in Saudia this Ramadan. Whenever I was in a rut on what to cook for iftar I would frequent your blog………a lot! I appreciate all the hard work you put into this.

    • Noor says:

      Well, it is on the board but very small. I would have never noticed it if my Aussie friends had not told me about it just a few weeks prior. But it is pretty strong lol. I do not like sweet drinks as well and would rather have coffee taste over milk (can’t do the lattes). I am glad that you like my blog thank you so much and I appreciate the comment. I have to admit sometimes I feel like no one cares and have thought of throwing the towel in.

  • Umm Shems says:

    Oh Noor I hope you don’t throw in the towel! You’re my only Saudi food source! I can only imagine how sometimes it can be difficult to come up with differentt ideas to write about. I will admit i can be bad about commenting but rest assured I always enjoy your posts and appreciate all you do. Insha Allah more people will show their appreciation as well.

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