Fajita Avenue

Fajita Avenue
Dabab St., Suleimania
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Tel. No. 01-464-4999u

My family and I live near Fajita Avenue so we were excited when a new Mexican restaurant was opening up. You see Mexican food is one of my most loved cuisines that the world has to offer. The decor of Fajita Avenue is nice and modern. The service is pretty good as well. Unfortunately the food is not that great. We ordered the nachos you see above for an appetizer and I was completely repulsed when I found out that was ketchup squirted all over the top. The chips were dry and stale on top of that. When the main course of mixed fajitas came I was still hoping for the best but the meat was extremely over cooked and dry. And they brought us two tortillas for a family fajita meal. I absolutely hate to keep asking for a tortilla every time we want to make a fajita. Sadly, the fajitas at ApplesBee’s which is an American restaurant is MUCH better. No way, would I visit this establishment again until they get some REAL Mexican recipes and cooks that actually know how to cook.

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  • Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. says:

    Dear Noor, I have been following your blog for quite sometimes. You seem to have the recipes that I love trying.
    I was recently awarded THE STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD from one of the SYDNEY AUSTRALIA BLOGGER and one of the rule is for me to share this award with 10 other bloggers that I admire. You are one of them and I am presenting this to you. Do drop by PATYSKITCHEN for the award. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY and have a nice WEEKEND

  • haleeb says:

    mmmm, mexican :D
    used to be my favourite, but funnily i don’t think ive actually ever eaten it :L
    meican restaurants are nandos, which tend to be rather expensive
    and im only 15 so..

    follow me/friend request? i just started this blogging thing so i only have one post so far, but hopefully it will become better inshallah.

    miriam :)

  • Noor says:

    Paty thanks so much your super kind and I LOVE your blog mashAllah.

    Haleeb you will do great inshAllah :)

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