Elekta Espresso Machine


I have been wanting an espresso machine mainly for the frother on the side since I love cappuccinos, but have held back looking at my options. I was planning to buy a Nespresso machine in a few weeks since everyone raves about them all the time, but this weekend at Carrefour I came across this little espresso machine by Elekta a company here in the Gulf. It was only sr109 at that folks. That is like $30 with a year warranty. I spoke with the manager first to see if they got a lot of returns and he said no it was pretty good for something simple like a cup or two a day which is me in a nutshell.

When I got it home I was excited to try it out, but when I opened it the carafe was busted and I could not find my receipt. Luckily my husband was able to take it back and they exchanged it for me. I really had no idea how to use it, but figured it out pretty quick. I added the water in the tank, added the espresso and stamped it in and turned it on. Soon espresso was dripping into the carafe. After that I put some milk in a little milk jug I had and frothed it. Of course milk blew everywhere because I did it wrong, but the second time I tried it out I got it. My milk was warm and frothy just like I like. It was pretty simple and tasted so good.

I thought for sure at that price it would not work that well especially the frother, but this little machine is perfect for someone like me and makes a great cup of coffee. I had not planned on posting about this, but when I searched for the item I could not find anything on it so I wanted to write a review in case anyone else was curious if it worked or not.

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