Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak everyone inshAllah you all had a successful month. I am pretty proud that I was able to reach my goal of posting almost every single day of the Holy Month. I missed a few of the last days due to just wanting to spend some time with my family and getting stuff taken care of. You all may not know it but being a food blogger is a huge amount of work and if you like any food blog you should always let them know you appreciate it. Being a foodie is not just about the food anymore on top of trying to make the perfect recipes you have to try to get a nice picture, then edit your pictures, make a nice story to go along with it, make sure you write everything out correctly and then post it.

It takes so long to just get one post done but like I said I am proud that I was able to provide everyone with a bit of insight about how Ramadan is in Saudi but now I need a week or so off to refresh my brain. It’s hard to believe Ramadan has gone and come and it’s just the beginning of August, kind of surreal right? I do not have much of an appetite when it’s hot to begin with and then adding fasting on top of the heat really was not making me hungry. Drinking is always the worse for me anyway. Tomorrow morning Muslims all over the world will wake up early and partake in the Eid prayer. All of the stores are closed on the first day of Eid here in Riyadh so we will probably just go out to eat somewhere and then enjoy the next two days of Eid shopping and so on. What are your Eid plans?

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  • sheikha baladram says:

    EID Mubarrak to you and family. May Allah bless you for sharing your cooking knowledge with us!

  • denholl says:

    Dear Noor
    I do appreciate your blog. I am a homestay mother in Australia with 3 students from Saudi. I am so grateful for your posts. My students are amazed at what I know about their food culture!!!. (I guess you could say then that I am a fake) Thank you thank you.

  • Noor says:

    Thank you so much Julie your so kind and I am glad that I am doing something to help someone :) Your not a fake we all learn from one another..

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