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Eid Mubarak everyone I hope you’re having a lovely day. My schedule is so messed up from Ramadan and I have no idea how I am going to fix it. Everyone stays up all night in Saudi throughout the month and now here in a few weeks my son starts school for the first time and they have to be there by 7:30am I am cringing of the thought lol. When I finally fell asleep last night (this morning) some kids started shooting fireworks right at my window and it was so loud it scared me and of course that lasted for what seemed like forever. Fireworks are really popular here during Eid with the kids.

My family and I got up and got dressed and had a nice Eid lunch and then spoke with all of our family on the phone that are out of Riyadh. It was nice catching up with our loved ones. Now we’re all just resting and about to head out for the evening for dinner and taking our son to play. I hope your day is going well whatever you may be doing.

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  • Salam Alaikum noor,

    Delicious spread MashAllah we had chicken too!

    Eid mubarak

  • Wa Alaykum Salam Asmaa thank you so much and Eid MUbarak to you as well. Its so simple but after Ramadan we still can hardly eat much lol you know how it is after your used to fasting for so long :p

  • Eid Mubarak looks delicious! Dd you try the cinnamon rolls?

  • Eid MUbarak sweetie. I will soon inshAllah..

  • Highly appreciate if u can share the recipe of this rice dishes.. tq very much

  • We actually picked this up from the local Yemeni shop. Its rice that has been smoked (like my chicken mandy rice) and just a whole chicken :)

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