Earl Grey Lemon Latte


I do not mind drinking tea with milk every now and again, but it’s not something I could do everyday. That is until I had this drink. Most tea latte drinks come with the usual cinnamon and clove spices, however this drink uses lemon in place and that goes perfect with earl grey since it has citrus notes. Growing up I always enjoyed a cup of earl grey before bed. My mammaw would leave me a teabag in a cup, the kettle filled with water and a spoon and honey next to it. I would just go into the kitchen and prepare it when I would get home.

I still do enjoy earl grey, but last year when we were in Dubai I had the most amazing blend that I have ever tried. It was so good that I could not hardly drink other brands. I looked and looked for that particular brand, but it seems they only sell to the Ritz Carleton. The only earl grey that I can even find around Riyadh is Twinnings and Lipton both bagged. The Lipton is absolutely horrid and the Twinnings is okay.

1 lemon slice
1 cup warm milk
2/3 cups hot water
2 tea bags
2 teaspoons sugar
Lemon zest

1. In a cup, add boiling water, lemon slice and tea bags. Allow to steep for 5 minutes.

2. In a large cup, add tea, sugar and all milk, but 1/4 cup. Mix well. In a small cup froth the remaining 1/4 cup of milk. In a mug, add latte, spoon froth on top, then add lemon zest.

Yields: 1 large serving or 2 small ones

2 Responses to Earl Grey Lemon Latte

  • Ronnefeldt teas are available in their signature retail stores in Dubai:
    1) madinat jumeirah
    2) dubai festival city
    I love their green tea – peach&pear!

    • Omg thank you so much. After I saw this I ended up emailing the company and they told me they will try to find someone in Saudi who distributes so I can get some. I am sure the peach and pear is wonderful and I really doubt any they have is bad. This tea is no joke.

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