Dubai food part.1












We have been back from our Eid vacation in Dubai for a few weeks now and I am pretty behind in posting here because I have just not really felt like digging through all my pictures. I could not help but take pictures of all the great food we got to eat awhile away to share here though. First off I wanted to share this amazing food from the resort we stayed out. Let me tell you I am dreaming of this food it was beyond amazing and I am counting the days until Eid comes again in a few months when we go back.

The food was international so they had recipes from all over the world like sushi, caviar, fresh meats and cheeses. It was insane! But hey I would expect nothing less from a five star resort. One of the chefs told me I should take pictures when they start at 6 so that you all could really see how great the lay out was but I we ate later and I never like to post pictures of people that do not know they are going to be photographed (the few shown told me to go for it). Hungry, because I am now.

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