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Today I was just blog browsing around and was shocked to come across a website that was using my Kabsa recipe with no credit back to me what so ever. I have been reading that a lot of you have had this very problem here lately but never knew someone had did it to me. Its very thoughtless of others to do this. I worked for years creating my perfect kabsa recipe so I was not happy to find someone else using it as their own. Check it out here at a blog called “Arabic Food Recipes” , they even took my picture as well. Please remember I do have a copyright notice like all fellow bloggers, we work hard to do what we do.

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  • Susie of Arabia says:

    That’s so unscrupulous! Not fair and not nice!
    Loved chatting with you today…

  • Summer says:

    this is really bad! i mean i have been hurt like this before when many many sites just steal my videos by downloading them and put their own logo on it and claim it as their own!! thats why i have the disclaimer on my site. also, when i find my material posted on other sites and forums, i contact the site owner and ask them to take down MY stuff OR at least give me the credit by posting a link back to my own cooking blog! i feel for you! :(

  • Nazarina A says:

    What people will do to get noticed!!! Shame on them!
    Noor, You know that your pie was oh so good, when you did not even remember to take a picture!
    I got a real shock when I read this post of yours. I too knew a Ms May when I was living in Florida. I was working in a bank at that time and she was about 70- 80 about ten years ago. I think she was originally from Alabama and had white hair( I do not know whether it was a wig). She would always come with her son to the bank, his name was Frank. I am giving you all this info, with the hope that you will tell me that it is the same lady!

  • Noor says:

    Nazarina you had me cracking up, lol. Ms. May lived in the small town I am from in Tennessee and I bet she never even ever left it. Thats how people where I am from are, do not leave town so you know they must think I am as crazy as can be, lol. She did have white hair though :) But just had some daughters.

  • meeso says:

    I’m glad you found it and let them know you found it… People are really sad, I wonder what kind of person does these things!

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