Coffee Buns

I was telling you all about the quaint little restaurant Pappa Rich yesterday and I am back to talk about this sweet spot some more today. Yesterday while we were visiting they had coffee buns on the menu and they looked absolutely delicious. Unfortunately they did not have any ready at the time and we were in to much of a hurry to wait around. However, today when we visited they had some freshly made so I ordered one and then quickly ordered another. This favorite Asian coffee bun made me fall in love and I now see why they are so popular The exterior has a hint of coffee and then you bite into and a rush of butter and sugar fill your mouth. This bun is like the perfect snack with all the right flavors yet its not messy at all.

Before we left we were asking about the buns because of course I wanted to try to duplicate then when I get back home. It looks like the dough is pre-made all over Asia and sent to the restaurants where they dazzle the tops with a cream, butter and coffee mixture then bake. These hefty buns started in Thailand and Malaysia but it looks like you can now find them all over Southern Asia. It may take some tries but I will try until I get this recipe perfect. Now this coffee bun with a white coffee goodness gracious.

* If you have any questions about the country ask away or visit the Tourism Malaysia Website or Travel Wire Asia. 

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  • Umm Hamza says:

    Salam Alaykum,
    Can’t wait for you to devise a recipe for these buns, dh would love them so their a winner.

  • Zee B.Bad says:

    maybe you can searh the recipe using keyword “rotiboy recipe” or “mocca bread”

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