Chestnuts and Coffee YUM!

 When I was exploring Malaysia’s very own China Town I came across a magnificent smell and who would have ever guessed that it was a mixture of coffee beans and chestnuts roasting. The Man who was selling them was so kind and spoke perfect English. I told him how chestnuts are very popular where I come from in Tennessee and that we roast them as well. But with coffee beans? This was something new altogether. He gave me some to try and they were simply amazing. How can I ever go back to a normal chestnut after having these?

3 Responses to Chestnuts and Coffee YUM!

  • Anonymous says:

    ohmigawd!i’m from malaysia!hello and welcome to my little country..i hope u liked your stay here :D

  • 雅馨 says:

    If the quantity is not a lot, I will hand carry..................................................

  • Shabs.. says:

    Hi….just discovered ur blog from another blog…ur blog is brilliant!….i just loed the stay here and iam so happy to have found yet another amazing arabic food website!thnxk..I am following ur blog, so that i can keep a track…
    Just peek at mine if time allows!

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