Cheese and Fruit Plate


Cheese and Fruit platters have always been popular in my family and we always tend to have a large one through the holidays and now that I have my own family I like to create a smaller version. I love both fruit and cheese and can happily just have this for my dinner (which I do quite often). When you create one for a smaller family you will want to get just about two different cheeses I usually go for something French or Dutch. If you’re making it for a larger gathering you will want to try several and try to include sheep, cow and goat.

A crusty bread like Baguette (my favorite), a few various crackers and some nuts and fruits. I like almonds or walnuts and fruits such as dates and grapes. Also a good honey drizzled on brie is really good (trust me). Always makes sure your cheese is room temperature before serving it as well. I am also a sucker for good olive oil and LOVE drizzling it all over my baguette.

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  • Zelia says:

    Dh had us a fridge full of goodies when we returned and I swear Omar and Hamooda ate all the strawberries and edam cheese in a couple of days. Dairy and fruit they get here is better than the US ones. This looks so yummy to me right now.x

    • Noor says:

      MashAllah that is great they love cheese and yummy with berries is just perfect. I am sure he has to keep a BIG fridge with 3 growing boys mashAllah lol.

  • Arrwa says:

    Salam Noor
    You know I was born and raised in the west (yemeni by origin tho) and cheese and fruit platters are popular here, but they never really appealed to me, until your post. You make it sound like i’ve really been missing out! Unfortunately my knowledge of cheese is extremely limited (I’m no cheese connoisseur believe me) but if I wanted to venture out more than cheddar and mozzarella what should I try? Thank you Noor.

    • Noor says:

      I LOVE cheese so much and fruit and nuts just bring it out the flavor kind of like how Arabs eat the yellow dates with tea :) I would say stay with something like gouda and brie. ANY good market that has cheese will allow you try to a sample before you buy from them and you can always try it that way to see what you think first as well.

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