Talal was sick all last week and now I have seemed to have caught it. I spent the entire day sleeping and my throat hurts so bad. I have not felt like eating little on cooking and then I remembered reading about hellofood. Hellofood is website in Saudi (they also have an app for your phone) where you can easily type in the area you live in the city and from there you can choose cuisines or even items you want. For example I wanted soup so I checked the sub box and was able to see all the locations… Continue reading

Saudi Falafel


Every since I first tried falafel I was hooked. I especially love them when they are first fried and crispy. Hence why I prefer making them at home. But the falafels you can buy here in Saudi are just out of this world good. This one pictured is one of my favorite styles filled with fries, tahini and Arabic pickles. My husband always has his shami style which means it is filled with eggplant, pickled beet strips, egg slices and all of the items the regulars has as well.

Nescafe Arabiana


Last night Talal and I was at the mall and a few workers were serving traditional Saudi coffee. I love Saudi coffee so I went to get some for myself. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing Nescafe had started making instant Saudi coffee, what? And you all let me tell you this stuff is the real deal it taste exactly like it should. I was so excited I had to tell my mother in law that I found instant coffee that taste just like hers, no joke it does and that is a good thing.

So Nestle… Continue reading

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