If you would have told me ten years ago one of my favorite dishes would be mashed beans I would have said you were crazy. Fast forward to know and I absolutely love foul the Saudi way. You can buy the delicious mixture everywhere and for just a few riyals, but it’s so simple to make at home so why not? I have learned the more you add on the top the better it is. You can soak the beans overnight, especially if you live in the west and cannot buy the canned style that we have in the Middle… Continue reading

Birds Tongue Soup


Birds Tongue soup is another Ramadan favorite in Saudi and this year is the first time I made it. It is pretty much exactly like chicken noodle soup and I am sure you can see from the picture why they call it birds tongue. In the Middle East every soup and stew is served with fresh lemon and bread and I have grown accustomed to it as well. I have been making a new soup every night for us to break our fast with. Of course I scale my recipes down so my fridge is not overloaded. So far so… Continue reading

Saudi Teas


Growing up in the South black tea was part of my daily routine. We all make sweet tea with Lipton black tea bags. When I got a bit older I always would buy Celestial Seasonings tea bags and have a cup before I went to bed. When I met my husband, he told me that he wanted to make me some tea the way they drink it in Saudi and later on he came out with a cup of mint tea that I fell in love with. Seriously still to this day I make me a cup at the end… Continue reading

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